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Nike Mercurial Vapor Next Nature Official Images Release Date

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Nike Serves Athletes and the Planet With the Mercurial Vapor Next Nature

  • The latest in a storied performance franchise, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Next Nature is made with at least 50% recycled content by weight.
  • The boot features a 100% recycled plate and a 4-layer upper made with a combination of materials and technologies including Flyprint, recycled poly, recycled TPU and skin manufacturing scrap.

  • The learnings from this Mercurial Vapor Next Nature are being scaled throughout the Mercurial line-up, resulting in the majority of Mercurial boots coming to market in fall 2022 being made with at least 20% recycled content.

Made with at least 50% recycled content by weight, the Mercurial Vapor Next Nature takes an iconic football boot and reimagines what it means to help make players better while also helping to protect the planet and the future of sport.

The Mercurial Vapor Next Nature features a 100% recycled midsole plate and a four-layer upper that includes Flyprint, recycled polyester, recycled TPU and manufacturing scrap . This combo bucks the idea that only virgin materials can help contain and propel the world’s best footballers. The boot’s chassis, the heel counter, the midsole plate and the boot’s upper are made with 100% recycled materials from manufacturing waste.

Since the Vapor’s debut in 1998, Nike has consistently innovated the boot to serve the future of athletes and sport. Releases pushed the envelope in materials, technology, and now, sustainable design.

  • 2002: The Vapor l featured NikeFrame technology on an anatomical last to reduce weight
  • 2006: Tiejin microfiber technology and a carbon last reduced the Vapor lll’s weight
  • 2008: The Mercurial Vapor Superfly was the first boot to use Nike Flywire technology
  • 2010: The Superfly ll featured Nike SENSE technology, improving traction by allowing studs to subtly extend and retract based on pressure and surface conditions
  • 2012: The Nike Mercurial GS [Greenspeed] debuts, featuring recycled and renewable materials throughout the upper and the plate design. 
  • 2013: The Vapor Vlll used Teijin microfiber and ACC coating to increase ball control
  • 2014: The Superfly IV combined Flyknit, the Dynamic Fit Collar and Brio cables, knitted into the upper, for an improved fit and less weight
  • 2018: The Mercurial 360 introduced a 360-degree construction of Flyknit
  • 2021: The new Mercurial was built with seven precision-engineered components that reduced weight
  • 2022: The Mercurial Vapor Next Nature is made with at least 50% recycled content by weight

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