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Nike Launch the Mercurial Puro Fenomeno – NikeMercurialSuperfly
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Nike Launch the Mercurial Puro Fenomeno

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A Brazilian baton of bespoke aptitude is passed on to Neymar as Nike serve up a signature Mercurial Puro Fenomeno – a cleat roused by the design worn by Ronaldo nearly twenty years ago.

The R9 impact in Neymar’s career started with the Nike Mercurial, in Neymar’s words: “Those were the boots everyone wanted, I wanted them as well.” And now he’s been given the chance to carry on Ronaldo’s heritage into another generation, while tossing his own enchantment in the mish-mash twenty years on.

At the point when Neymar made his introduction for the Brazil National Team (at 18 years old), he was wearing the Mercurial Superfly II. Befitting the affiliation both Brazilians have to the Mercurial line, Nike’s new Mercurial Puro Fenomeno boots obtain tasteful cues from the Superfly II while additionally giving praise to Ronaldo’s pioneer Mercurial boots.

The horizontal side of the Nike Mercurial Puro Fenomeno features the notable chrome and blue color scheme of the ’98 Mercurial, with the speed ribs of the current Mercurial altered to emulate the first’s curvy lines. The center of the cleat includes the graphic of the Mercurial Superfly II that Neymar Jr. wore as he burst onto the global stage. “Ousadia” and “Alegria” additionally show up central of the cleats, along with Neymar Jr’s. own logo decorated on the heels.

Obviously, the Puro Fenomeno will be released in restricted numbers and will be worn solely by the PSG striker.

The between Neymar and Mercurial is perfect. He has this characteristic in his game, he’s very fast, can abruptly change direction,” says Ronaldo. “I feel a connection with Neymar. He’s a sensational young man, very balanced, focused, already following a great path. I believe the most important thing is to never ever lose the focus on being happy playing football; that’s how he makes many more people happy — watching him play.”

The respect is mutual. “He is one of my idols. Ronaldo is one of the greatest and most iconic players in history. I’m really happy and honored to have played with him on the Brazilian National Team,” adds Neymar Jr. Aww… lovely stuff chaps.

Above: The Nike Mercurial Puro Fenomeno with the boots that inspired the design; the Mercurial Superfly II & Mercurial R9.


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