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Nike Launch Signature Neymar “Written in the Stars” Mercurial Vapor XI


Neymar’s evident ascent to signature status is officially here. Below is Neymar’s first signature release Mercurial Vapor. Titled “Written In The Stars” and roused by his adventure of transforming youthful excitement into proven predominance, the exclusive cleats denotes the start of a noteworthy section in the future of Nike Soccer.

Nike Soccer leading role hasn’t yet been handed over by Cristiano Ronaldo to Neymar, yet the Brazilian has surely got his first feel of it with his premier signature Mercurial Vapor XI. We are not writing off Ronaldo at this time, a long way from it, yet with Neymar being seven years younger then Ronaldo, we can consider this the initial step of Nike delegating Neymar as their future driving man.

For Neymar, it’s an accomplishment with profound meaning; “I grew up wearing Mercurial as a kid, so it’s like a dream to have my story on this boot. It means a lot that it’s not just about me, but my family and the moments I shared with great teammates on the pitch.”

What Neymar is speaking of is the design of the “Written In The Stars” Mercurial Vapor XI. Nike have designed the boot to share the story of the player fulfilling his destiny and embracing the pressure on his shoulders from such a young age. Tributes to his country and family are present across the boot, none less so than the colours of the Brazil flag across the upper.

What Neymar is talking about is the design of the “Written In The Stars” Mercurial Vapor XI. Nike have planned the cleats to share the tale of the player reaching his destiny and overcoming the weight on his shoulders that he has had since a young age. Tributes to his nation and family are available all over the cleats, with colors of the Brazil flag across the upper.

The blue and yellow of Brazil are opened up to dynamic “Blue Orbit” and “Volt” and have a Southern Cross star grouping graphic to additionally credit Neymar’s Brazilian childhood. Neymar’s debut goal for the national team in 2010 is recalled on the design, alongside the previous summer’s triumph in the Olympics —  acknowledged by reference to Maracana Stadium.

Brazil’s five stars to speaks for their World Cup triumphs additionally appear on the cleats. The Neymar “Written In The Star” cleats truly records his voyage. The upper is mapped out with stories like an unfinished autobiography as Neymar shows milestone dates, including 11.03.96 (the date of birth of his sister, Rafaella) and 24.08.11 (the birthdate of his child, David Lucca).

Neymar’s very own birthdate (02.05.92) is tossed in for good measure as well, alongside his top speed of 34.7 KM/H, clearly. The spotted topographical figures on the cleat mimic maps of Barcelona and Brazil.

A few of Neymar’s goals are likewise recollected on the cleats, beginning with his first goal for Barcelona on September 24, 2010. The cleats likewise denotes his first goals against Real Madrid on October 26, 2013 and his goal in the 2015 Champions League Final. On closer assessment you can see the “constellations” on the cleat portray the direction the ball went in the development to every one of the goals referenced.

Still with us? Great. We’ll shake through the last few. His 100th career goal a against Villarreal highlight. The lace aglets of the boot read “Ousadia” and “Alegria” (“daring” and “joy” in the player’s native Portuguese). The word ‘Neymar’ include on the foot sole area, on the off chance that you had any questions over whose signature boot this was.

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